Component Testing

The Materials Engineering Laboratory is dedicated to Investigating the origin and cause of product failures.

Our facility boasts state of the art equipment specializing in Insurance Forensic work. Our Lab testing/investigation services are available nationwide.

As your investigative partner, we can handle complete project scope including scoping repair details, and management support. Imperia has been testing cause and origin for product failure over 30 years, gathering incredible data to bring out work to a much higher level.

Regardless of our client’s location, we can provide experienced forensic Investigations for Materials, Electrical, Civil and Mechanical issues. We will determine the mode of Failure, develop conclusions and answer all questions for possible subrogation opportunities.

Our experience has shown that successful failure analysis and accident investigation requires:

  • Responsive, thorough field investigations
  • Seasoned technical and engineering expertise
  • Knowledgeable laboratory and analytical support
  • Experience with large and small investigations
  • Confidentiality and preservation of evidence
  • Timely reports, clear and concise presentations, and experienced testimony.

Our experts are prepared to travel to investigate failures. They bring with them a wealth of knowledge and experience in machinery and equipment failures. We have investigated small losses and large, complex failures and are experienced in managing projects from initial field investigations to final litigation and subrogation support.

We have investigated failures in:

  • ASME Code pressure vessels, boilers, and piping systems
  • Rotating equipment such as turbines, compressors, fans, and pumps
  • Pulp and paper components including Yankee dryers, and press rolls, and
  • Mining equipment such as ball mills, cement kilns, storage bins and conveyors
  • Manufacturing equipment including injection molding machines, extruders, presses, and machine tools
  • Valves, gears, shafting and fasteners
  • Transformers, electrical generators, and switches
  • Facilities equipment including fire protection and HVAC systems, piping and plumbing
  • Appliances including dishwashers, water heaters, kitchen appliances
  • Electricals including circuit boards, relays, solenoid, digital output modules, cable splices