Consumer Products

Imperia can help with:

  • Material Selection
  • Product Design
  • Proof of Concept
  • Technology Research
  • Failure Analysis

Consumer Products Projects

  • Failure Analysis and Design Modification Recommendation of Coffee Glass Carafe
  • Evaluation of Lifetime Expectancy of Water Heater Liner
  • Alloy Specification and Coating Evaluation in Inline Aluminum Water Heaters
  • Laboratory Analysis of Drinking Appliance Tubing and Flow-Through Block
  • Water Filter Housing Failure Investigation
  • Corrosion Study of Water Level Sensor
  • Leakage of Coffee Maker Air Pump 
  • Identification of Brewer Tank Staining
  • Brewer Circuit Board Failure Analysis
  • Evaluation of Brewer Heating Element
  • Evaluation of Hydraulic Valve Residues
  • Failure Analysis of Sticking Valves
  • Vent Valve Failure Analysis
  • Failure Analysis of Tool Bit
  • Antimicrobial Epoxy Coating