Since 1986, Imperia’s materials expertise in the Energy Sector has supported customers in Industrial/Institutional, Nuclear, Oil & Gas Power Generation, Power Delivery, and Renewable services.

Our services include:

Licensed to Handle Radioactive Materials

10 CFR 50 Appendix B Compliant

Code of Federal Regulations providing requirements for Quality Assurance

Energy Projects

  • Failure Analysis of Torus T-Quencher
  • Failure Analysis of Condenser Tube
  • Failure Analysis of Component Cooling Waterline
  • Failure Analysis of Feed Water Heater Vent Pipe
  • Failure Analysis of Emergency Diesel Generator Crankshaft
  • EPRI Aging Management Training
  • Analysis of Coating Debris from Condenser Water Box
  • Selective Leaching Analysis of Cast Iron and Copper Alloy Piping System Components
  • Failure Investigation of Main Steam Isolation Valve Control System
  • Mechanical Evaluation of Air-Operated Valve Operator Diaphragm
  • Analysis of Foreign Object in Subcooled Water
  • Laboratory Evaluation of Pneumatic Module for Feed Water Regulating Valve
  • Quality Support of Safety-Related Salt Service Water Pump Baseplate Replacement 
  • Determination of Maximum Gasket Using Temperature
  • Aging Management Course for Nuclear Power Plants
  • Failure analysis of O-rings of Water Level Sensor
  • Determination of the causes of pressure increase of an EDG filter
  • Selective Leaching GAP Training Development and Training Presentation
  • Radiation Equipment Consulting for India
  • Torus and Drywell Internal Coating Condition Assessment
  • Failure Analysis of Ovation Digital Output Modules
  • Failure Analysis of EDG Gasket
  • CIPP Rehabilitation of Service Water Line
  • Accelerated Aging of Diodes
  • Laboratory Investigation of EDG Amptrap Fuses
  • Failure Investigation of Tendon Anchor Head
  • Failure Analysis of Refueling Bridge Hoist Brake Coils
  • Analysis of Particles collected by HVAC filter and Smoke Detection Apparatus
  • Lifetime Extension of Condenser Boot Seal
  • Surface Analysis of Printed Circuit Boards in Turbine Control Digital Output Cards
  • Evaluation of Selective Leaching (Dezincification and Graphitization) of Valves 
  • Failure Analysis of Turbine Turning Gear Pin
  • Design and Contingency Support of Pipe Repairs by Mechanical Seal
  • Failure Analysis of EDG Voltage Regulator
  • Evaluation of Main Steam Isolation Valve Air Pack Degradation
  • Reactor Coolant Pump Seal Failure Analysis
  • Aging Evaluation for Diode Lifetime Determination
  • Failure Analysis of Reactor Feed Pump O-Ring 
  • Investigation of Non-Segregated 6.9kV Bus Insulation Damages
  • Research on Aging of Buried Pipe Coatings
  • CIPP installation on a safety-related 8-inch service water line
  • Lifetime Extension of Scram Solenoid Pilot Valve
  • Failure analysis of the O-ring of a reactor feed pump
  • Evaluation of LIBS for the Analysis of Alloys in Prevention of Fast Accelerated Corrosion 
  • Q-Deck Coatings Status
  • Failure Analysis of Torus Strainer 
  • Failure Investigation of Torus Wall Cracking
  • Reactor Containment Coating Condition Assessment
  • Protective Coating Specialist Outage Support of Pipe Lining Inspections and Repairs