Imperia’s industrial experiences including Automotive, Aerospace, Manufactured Equipment, etc. in the following areas:


  • Independent Support and Evaluation
  • Warranty
  • Litigation Support


  • R&D Support
  • Material Selection with System and Operational Understanding
  • Verification of Assumptions


  • Systems and Component Improvements
  • Qualification Support
  • Process Optimization


  • Validation of Process, Fabrication, Designs, and Materials
  • Marketing/Competitive Data
  • Reverse Engineering
  • Development of Test Methods

Industrial Projects

  • Qualification and Life Cycle Simulation for New Pressure Fryer Design 
  • Qualification Assessment of Thermal Barrier Coating of Turbine Blades
  • Failure Analysis of Boiler Tube
  • Heat Exchanger Tubes Failure Analysis
  • Condition Assessment of Refinery Auxiliary Boilers
  • Failure Analysis of Solenoid Valves
  • Chill Water Quality – Impact on Cooling System Material and Comparison to Previous Results from Other Facilities
  • Circulate Water Pump Cracking Failure Analysis
  • Toxic Environment and Medical Consulting on Foam Analysis
  • Transit Bus Compressor Failure Analysis
  • Specialty Coatings Consulting
  • Suspended Insulator Evaluation
  • Evaluation of Alloy 5454 Sheet
  • Independent Review of HRSG Retrofit Process
  • Failure Investigation of Transit Bus Wheel Lug Failures
  • Failure Investigation of Steam Distribution System Expansion Joint Seizures
  • Failure Investigation of Wind Turbine Bearing Failure