Life Science

Delivering Value & Success

Imperia’s expertise in medical devices revolves around several key areas of vital importance to manufacturers throughout the product life cycle:

  • Engineering Investigation
  • Failure Analysis
  • Materials Selection
  • Product Development Support
  • Reliability Improvement
  • Production Scale-Up
  • Process Modification

Life Sciences Projects

  • Medical Packaging Process Optimization for RNA Analysis Kits
  • 52 Weeks Porcine Study of Absorbable Macroporous Mesh Scaffold
  • Corrosion Resistance of Vena Cava Filters
  • Blood Exchange Tube Bond Strength Evaluation 
  • Burst and SEM Evaluation of Hernia Repair Patch Meshes
  • Radiography of Tacks inside Delivery Device
  • Laboratory Evaluation of Endoscopic Valve
  • Failure Analysis and Design Recommendations of Minimally Invasive Device for Emphysema (in vivo & in vitro)
  • Evaluation of Spine Pedicle Screw System 
  • Tissue Ingrowth Evaluation of In-vivo Hernia Repair Meshes
  • 72 Week Pilot Study of Mesh in Bridge Repair as Compared to Buttress Repair
  • Risk Mitigation of Positioning System by Simulated Fatigue Evaluation with Patient Breathing, Coughing or Sit-up Activity Impacts
  • SEM Imaging of Meshes by Critical Point Drying
  • 96 Week GLP Porcine Study of Soft Tissue Reinforcement
  • SEM Imaging of Polymer Yarn
  • SEM Evaluation of Catheter Balloons
  • GLP Infection Study of Hernia Repair Patch in Rabbit Model
  • Metallurgical Evaluation of Fixation Fasteners
  • GLP Study of Fixation Device in Porcine Model
  • GLP Study of In Vivo Suture in Rat Model
  • GLP Study of Fixation Device in Porcine Model
  • Tissue In-growth Evaluation of Mesh Prototypes
  • Synthetic Mesh Material In Vitro Absorption Study
  • Field Support and Failure Analysis for Hernia Repair Patch Complaint Cases 
  • In vivo Shear Testing of Meshes
  • Analysis of trace contamination on a cartridge for blood analysis