Material Consulting

With metallurgists, chemists, and engineers, Imperia’s multidisciplinary team can answer your questions on a variety of materials. We provide root cause analysis of failures and recommendations to mitigate repeat issues.


Our metallurgists and engineers are very experienced with microscopic, macroscopic and scanning electron microscope examinations. We cover a wide variety of material microstructures and are versed in many aspects of materials science.


Thermoplastics, thermoset, elastomers, coatings, adhesives. Our experienced staff knowledge of polymer chemistry and properties and our tools can help you characterize polymeric materials (resins and additives) and test their thermal and mechanical properties.

non performing adhesive layer


Imperia has experience assessing the mechanical performances of laminates. Our experienced mechanical engineers take care in selecting the proper mechanical testing and orientation of samples to assure meaningful results.

laminate flexural testing
laminate sample stereoscope image
laminate after tensile testing