Protective Coating & Lining Condition Assessment

Nuclear and Fossil Fuel Power Plant Coatings and Linings.

Over 40 years of experience with nuclear power plant and industrial coatings and linings.
  • Nuclear safety-related and balance of plant coating for structures
  • Pipe and tank linings
  • Buried pipe rehabilitation
  • Cured-in-place pipe
  • Condition assessment and failure analysis
Specific expertise in coatings and linings in nuclear safety-related applications
  • Coating qualification
  • Specification for procurement and application
  • Application procedures
  • Condition assessment of existing coatings
  • Coatings failure analysis
  • Training and personnel qualification (e.g., applicators, inspectors)

Active member of ASTM Committee D33 on Protective Coating and Lining Work for Power Generation Facilities

Actively participated in EPRI protective coating projects
  • Co-developed EPRI “Guideline for Nuclear Safety-Related Coatings”
  • Developed EPRI “Aging Assessments Field Guide” (1007933)
  • Co-developed EPRI
    Recommendations for an Effective Program to Control the Degradation of Buried and Underground Piping and Tanks (1016456, Revision 1)”(1021175)
  • Developed EPRI “Plant Engineering: Aging Degradation of Coating Service Level I Coatings – Summary of EPRI Coating Aging Project Activities” (3002000629)
  • Co-developed EPRI “Balance of Plant Corrosion”
  • The Underground Piping and Tank Reference Guide:L Revision 1″ (3002000682)
  • Developed EPRI “Aging Study of Buried Pipe Coatings” (300200058011)
Example Projects
  • Developed a coatings program for nuclear safety related coatings (program description, specifications for procurement and application, application procedures)
  • Developed specifications for qualification, procurement, and application of coatings applied as linings in safety related cooling water system piping.
  • Performed on-site coatings consulting services during successive outages for condition assessment and repair of linings in nuclear safety related cooling water system piping.
  • Performed condition assessment of safety-related coatings inside reactor containment, recommended appropriate repair actions, and established relative priorities for the repair actions
  • Performed condition assessment of various external structures (buildings, tanks, transmission towers, off-gas stack, etc.) and recommended appropriate repair actions
  • Developed and provided training to NDE inspectors with coating experience for certification as LEVEL II Coatings Inspectors per ANSI N45.2.6 and ASTM D4537
  • Designed, qualified, and installed cured-in-place pipe in safety-related Service Water to Emergency Feed Water cross-tick piping