Imperia Quality Assurance Program

10 CFR 50 Appendix B

Code of Federal Regulations – Quality Assurance Criteria for Nuclear plants

Imperia Quality Assurance Manual

With Guidance from ASME NQA-1 (RG 1.28)
NUPIC Audited

Imperia Implementing Procedures

Where we stress: Training Procedural Compliance Verification

Procedures specifically noted are:

  • IOP 5.3 “Project Initiation and Closeout”
  • BLP-MSC 2.01 “Certification of Test and Examination Personnel”
  • BLP-MSC-12.01 “Control of Measuring and Test Equipment”
  • BLP-MSC-11.01 “Test Control Program”
  • IOP 16.1 “Nonconformance and Corrective action”

Significant Processes of Imperia’s QA Program Includes:

  • Prequalification of vendors
  • Annual internal audits of each Imperia Business Line
  • Routine auditing and surveillance of vendor performance
  • Controlled calibration program
  • Review, verification, and approval of deliverable products