This image complements the text which explains that Imperia Materials Engineering Laboratory conducts root-cause failure investigations for insurance claims. We work in the lab and in the field. Insurance companies, adjusters, and claimants need not worry about not knowing where to begin when trying to figure out which piece of equipment failed, and why. Site visits are often crucial to our investigations. Imperia visits the site and begins the investigation. We figure out which equipment (if any) needs laboratory examination. When you need a lab with reach, choose Imperia.

Field Investigations For Insurance Claims: A Lab With Reach

by Tom Rafferty, Business Development Manager

A laboratory is usually a stationary place, but at Imperia it is also a deployable force. Our lab investigations are not limited to a room with microscopes. Field work is often crucial to our insurance claim investigations.

Where to Begin?

You may not know which piece of equipment is at fault, let alone which one to ship to a laboratory for root-cause failure investigation. When there is doubt, Imperia’s Materials Engineering Laboratory performs this service for you.

We visit the site and begin our investigation.

Whether the problem is electrical, mechanical, structural, or something else, you need not worry about not knowing where to begin.

Solving the Puzzle

With our site visits, we put the first pieces of the puzzle together.

There is no guess work for the insurance company, the adjuster, or the claimant. We figure out which equipment (if any) needs laboratory examination.

Sometimes our field visits yield enough information for us to solve the entire puzzle, and figure out the root-cause of equipment failure, without any shipment of material to our lab.

A Lab With Reach

Our lab is physically located in Massachusetts. But with personnel in New England, the Mid-Atlantic Region, the South, and the Midwest, Imperia can project expertise to field locations far and wide. When your claim investigation needs a Materials Engineering Laboratory with reach, choose Imperia.

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