The image complements the text of the article. It shows damaged wind turbine and solar panel. Imperia Materials Engineering Laboratory tests materials, products, and components for a wide range of industries. Contact Imperia Lab for your renewable power project. Whether your project involves wind turbines or solar panels, speak with us about determining the suitability of a part for a new project, or determining a part's root cause of failure in an existing project.

Materials Engineering for Wind & Solar Power

Our materials engineering lab forensically investigates materials, products, and components to determine why a part failed in the field, or whether a part is suitable for a new product.

Whether you are investigating the failure of a solar panel or determining the best material for use in a new wind farm, Imperia is your one-stop shop.

Failure Investigation

When a part fails, replacement or repair is only a partial solution. Determining the root cause of failure is crucial to preventing it from happening again.

Cracks, corrosion, fatigue, and other forms of material degradation interrupt a facility’s operation. Interrupted operation is lost money.

Imperia evaluates a broad range of material to determine root cause of failure– metals, ceramics, polymers, and composites.

Our investigative methods include optical microscopy, chemical analysis, scanning electron microscopy (SEM), energy dispersive x-ray spectroscopy (EDS), quantitative chemical analysis, and more. 

Product Testing

Perhaps you have a product idea, but must determine which material is best suited for it. We test materials to give you the answers you need.

Our simulations expose materials to the forces they will face in the field. We subject the material to tension, compression, bending, electrical forces, hardness testing, and more. 

Trust our proven lab methods to help you determine the best material, mechanism, or design for your new product.

Staff & Portfolio

Imperia’s lab staff includes PhDs, professional engineers, and experienced lab technicians. Our portfolio includes successful projects across a wide range of industries including power generation, aerospace, consumer products, biomedical, and more. 

Contact Us

When a part fails, or a material must be tested prior to use, rely on the lab with a track record of success. Contact Imperia’s Materials Engineering Laboratory today.

Tom Rafferty
Business Development Manager

The image complements the text of the article. This is the Imperia Engineering Partners Logo, used in this case by the Imperia Materials Engineering Laboratory which conducts lab and field investigations for insurance claims.

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