Technical Training

On-Site Training

Imperia is a nationally recognized engineering firm of highly skilled professionals and has been providing services to the utility and commercial industries since the mid-eighties.

Due to our vast experience in a variety of areas, we are able to bring the knowledge and skills to you. As your success depends on your ability to address day to day problems and issues, Imperia offers a number of in-plant courses in our core areas that were developed for the plant engineer, technician, operations, or maintenance individual. These courses are designed to provide you the skills and knowledge needed to become more effective in your job. Some of the classes being offered are described below.

Protective Coatings Training

Imperia offers a three-day comprehensive protective coatings training course intended for personnel assigned technical responsibility for the plant’s protective coatings and linings program. It is equally useful to personnel with job responsibilities associated with specification, application, and inspection of protective coatings in the plant. This course also can be used to support certification as a Protective Coating Inspector to the requirements of ASTM D 4537. In addition to addressing protective coating basics, the training is customized to address the requirements of the respective power plant by integrating an applicable plant-specific safety-related coating specification and safety-related coating application procedure into the training.

Failure Analysis

This course, geared toward System, Component, and Design Engineers, provides the basic concepts of component failure analysis, supplemented with case studies and samples of actual failures. Included is a description of how to recognize degradation mechanisms, indicators, and stressors as well as the fundamentals of analytical techniques. These failure analysis concepts provide a foundation for failure prevention strategies .

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