Water and Wastewater

Imperia Materials Engineering Laboratory has long supported the water industry:

  • Corrosion Assessment
  • Failure Analysis
  • Litigation Support

See one of our most recent projects concerning the development of a novel technique to detect Lead Service Line.

Gas Industry

  • Gas leak detection equipment development
  • Gas pipe integrity evaluation

Utility Projects

  • Failure Analysis of Diesel Exhaust Bellows
  • Failure Analysis of Boiler Tube Leakage
  • Analysis of Pipe Corrosion in Steam Manholes
  • Laboratory Analysis of Brine Cooler Tubing
  • Evaluation of Aftermarket and OEM Motor-Mount
  • Failure Analysis of 12KV C3 Feeder Cable Splice
  • Evaluation of 15 KV Cables and Splices
  • Failure Analysis of Thermocouples
  • Engineering and Materials Evaluation Support for Aqueduct Rehabilitation
  • Aqueduct Tunnel Mechanical Bulkhead Design
  • Failure Analysis of Wastewater Treatment Plant Bull Sprocket
  • Methane Leak Quantification Data Analysis
  • Assessment of Integrity of Gas Polyethylene Pipe Exposed to Oil
  • Turbine Roller Bearing Failure Rebuttal Support
  • Research on a Novel Detection Technique of Lead Service Line
  • Gas Leak Detector Testing and Analysis
  • North End Cable Failure Investigation
  • Failure Investigation of Hydro Turbine Shaft Seizure
  • Failure Investigation and Expert Witness of Water Main Break 
  • City Waste Review
  • Assessment of Water Treatment Plant Header Connection Deformation